How To Share And Protect Wedding Photos

Digital Pics Are Easy To Share And Protect With Mozy


Protect and Share Once In A Lifetime Photos

Wedding photos are something that are treasured for a lifetime – as long as you don’t lose them!

In a way, digital pictures are easier to lose than old fashioned prints if not properly stored and protected.

The good news is that you can protect your wedding photos AND make them easy to share all in one easy way – online backup to the cloud with Mozy Home.

I was just reading a story today on the Mozy blog about a couple recently married with a wedding photo cache of 7GB worth of pictures!

The task fell upon the new groom to both protect the photos from accidental loss due to hard drive failure but also to make online photo albums that his new bride could share with everyone when she traveled.

Fortunately for him, having those wedding photos backed up in the cloud made his tasks much easier, resulting in a happy bride. And a happy bride can help make a happy marriage!

If you have digital memories like wedding, baby or vacation pics that you simply CANNOT afford to lose and would like the convenience of being able to access them and share with others most anywhere, then a good online backup service with mobile support is your answer.

Learn more about how Mozy Home can make sharing and protecting your photos easy and fun


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