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Initial Online Backup Done Fast and Easy


Fast, Easy, 100% Initial Online Backup with Mozy Pro Data Shuttle

We announced last fall that Mozy Pro Data Shuttle service was live and ready to go for businesses (or individuals) with large amounts of data to backup.

The initial backup via external USB hard drive makes getting started with an online backup regimen simple, effortless and pain-free.

Yes, But Is It Secure?

Certainly one must wonder about security in putting all of your data on a convenient external USB hard drive and shipping it off.

Mozy Pro has it covered.

All of your data is encrypted as it goes onto the external data shuttle hard drive – using your own PRIVATE encryption key if you desire (no one at Mozy EVER would know that key) – and then encrypted again with a special key used only for the transit.

So, yes, your data is secure while being transferred to Mozy Pro’s servers via the data shuttle service.

How Does The Mozy Pro Data Shuttle Work?

Since we love using videos to explain how things work we thought it would make sense to offer this YouTube video that was done for the express purpose of explaining the Mozy Pro Data Shuttle service.

Watch this brief video see what an ideal service this is.

Pretty neat, huh?

We really like Mozy Pro’s online backup service for offsite business data backup and have used it for our clients.

Learn more about Mozy Pro here

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