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ZipCloud Free Trial Installation and Overview


Is Your Online Backup This Carefree?

Technology has gotten to the point that data protection really can be carefree, easy, and yes – even inexpensive.

ZipCloud online backup service is all those things.

They don’t try to cram every bell and whistle into the program, and follow up with endless bug fixes trying to keep it all working. Instead you can sign up for a free trial (no credit card required – aren’t you glad we have pushed past THOSE days?)

You have gigabytes of wedding and baby pictures on your MacBook and someone recently told you that even a Mac hard drive will eventually fail (who’d a thunk?)!

All you want is to not worry about losing your precious pics and now a few videos besides.

Oh, and your recipes, yeah, want to keep those too. And better have a backup of that tax return, after spending all weekend on it you sure don’t want to lose it now.

(Have I made my point yet????)

No one wants to lose data, and no one wants to have to learn a new complicated program.

In fact, if you keep your data in the “My Documents” folder of your PC – the default for most Windows software – the default installation of ZipCloud will work just fine.

Doesn’t matter if you use a Windows PC or a Mac, ZipCloud will work.

Sign up for a ZipCloud free trial and get protected right away

We did this video to show you just how quick and easy it is.

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