SOS Online Backup Free Trial Nag Screen

SOS Retains Integrity With Free Trial Nag Window


A Dignified Reminder That Your SOS Online Backup is Temporary

With our article yesterday about Copy online backup service we mentioned integrity and trust with the company you hire to store your data in the cloud. As we continue our SOS online backup review we feel pretty good about the company’s dignified approach to reminding you of the free trial status and suggesting you upgrade.

Could it be a tad more low-key? Sure, but it’s not bad and it seems to be a once per day reminder as opposed to some of the other online backup reviews we have done. The graphic is attractive, it’s a call to action, but it’s not a horrid nuisance.

And at least they give you a full featured product with an ample 50GB to use in the SOS free trial account.

So, it’s not a game-changer, show-stopper, or any clear indication to buy. But it IS the avoidance of a red flag which is always helpful in determining who you can trust in this fast paced sector that includes some fly-by-night vendors.

If you want to try online backup with a solid, reputable company, here’s the link to the SOS free trial.

Our full review of SOS online backup for home users is here.

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